SAT 06 JUNE part of the evening program at Defibrillator Gallery

LECHEDEVIRGEN TRIMEGISTO’S (MEXICO) method is based on the combination of body art, radical activism, visual anthropology, decolonial-queer twist, ultimate corporal experience, pop culture and Mexican sorcery. He holds a degree in Visual Arts by the College of Fine Arts at Autonomous University of Querétaro, UAQ. He is a beneficiary artist of the “Incentive and Development for Artistic Creation Program” (PECDA) 2014, of the “National Council of Culture and Arts” (CONACULTA). His work has been shown in “Oslo Queer Festival” Norway, “Porn Film Festival Berlin 2014” Germany, “Global Queer Films” UK, “Sexuantes Festival” and “Pornífero Festival” Peru, “Zineagoak International Festival” and “Muestra Marrana” Spain, etc. He had worked with Guillermo Gómez-Peña´s La Pocha Nostra, Rocio Boliver “La Congelada de Uva”, Diana Pornoterrorista, Lukas Avendaño and other artist as well.